Kristin was born into a family of traditional designers. His grandfather was the chief designer at Calvin Klein, one of the largest fashion brands in the United States. Kristin joined the army at the age of eighteen and spent 8 years in the army. After retiring from the army, Kristin began to study the design of men's outdoor leisure clothing. After studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology State University of New York, he moved to Florida, USA. During his studies, he noticed that high-quality men's outdoor & casual clothing on the market was generally overpriced and lacked a sense of good design. Kristin believed that by collaborating with top-notch designers and sourcing high-quality materials globally, he could create high-quality men's clothing at a more affordable price point.
Kristin and his team embarked on a journey to source the highest-quality materials for their menswear line. They traveled to Egypt to find the cotton with the longest sunshine exposure, sought out the most superior leather raw materials in Italy, and discovered the most advanced fiber textile production companies in Japan. In Asia, they collaborated with a group of environmentally conscious accessories suppliers, fabric processing and synthesis factories, and established in-depth partnerships in Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, and India.Devin set up teams of designers in California, USA, Tokyo, Japan, London, UK, and Hong Kong, China, to carefully select the most suitable fabrics from suppliers and design products by hand. "Our goal is to provide the most high-quality and refined men's clothing," he said.